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Sat, 23 Sept



EMOSHPIT - Morning Dance Workout #2

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EMOSHPIT -  Morning Dance Workout #2
EMOSHPIT -  Morning Dance Workout #2

Time & Location

23 Sept 2023, 10:00 – 13:00

London, 316 High Rd, London N15 4BP, UK

About the Event

Share, Dance and Feel Free To Be Yourself... Welcome to EMOSHPIT.

Are you quick to anger or tears? Or do you rarely show your emotions?  Society has expectations for us to behave in certain ways so we often  hide how we are authentically feeling. How nice would it feel to  properly let go and express all of who we are? The light and the dark...  Welcome to EMOSHPIT - Share, Dance and Feel Free To Be Yourself...

The  purpose of EMOSHPIT is to help heal not hurt. Connect with each other  more deeply via sharing circles then let loose on the dance floor and  release whatever's come up to dubstep, DnB-type sounds sprinkled with  banging rock tunes!

To be authentically ourselves we need to face  and embrace all of who we are. Our go and flow energies, light and  shadow, destruction and construction. This is a place to let out our  energy physically and emotionally. To find peace and a sense of balance  through speaking out and rocking out. EMOSHPIT celebrates all of what it  is to be a human animal, our power and aggression plus our nurturing  side through talking about how we feel.

Join us for sharing in supportive group  circles followed by an hour of all out letting go, sweaty dancing.

IF  YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT GETTING HURT: To be doubly clear the purpose of  EMOSHPIT is to heal not hurt. The centre of the dance space will be for  consensual contact between people and the edges will be for more solo  dancing.


PART 1: CONNECT VIA SHARING  CIRCLES: Sitting in groups of 5 or 6, each person gets time to open up  and share about how they are feeling followed by a short round of  reflection (NOT advice) so they feel seen and heard.

PART 2: DANCE  IT OUT VIA THE EMOSHPIT: Release whatever's come up via a wave of  dubstep DnB, type tunes speckled with some all out rock favourites to  really let loose!


This is NOT a place to fight. We are here to help each other NOT hurt each other. No punching, kicking, biting, etc.

It's very unlikely but, if someone  does fall down, we pick them up. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

This is NOT a place for advice, it’s a place for release and support.

If  you’re angry that’s okay, we all are at times. If you act angrily with  intention to hurt someone you’ll be ejected from the event.


Clothes as if going to the gym - loose fitting so you feel free to move

Water bottle

Towel possibly

Notebook might be useful too

MUST  READ - IMPORTANT NOTE: While the intention of this practice is very  much NOT to hurt anyone, the idea is to make a bit of human contact and  support each other in the expression of our inner animals. With this in  mind, although unlikely, you might get a slight bruise here and there.  Some might like that, some might not, either way if you are bothered and  don't want to risk even the possibility of any very mild injury then  please refrain from partaking in this event. Plight Club run regular  sharing circles that you're more than welcome to join.

This event  is about HELPING people NOT HURTING people but we have to say, PLIGHT  CLUB or Adam Slawson do not take any responsibility for your welfare,  emotional, mental or physical before, during or after the event. You are  responsible for judging if you are healthy enough to undertake this  event and how you act in the event.

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